About Us

Rafael + Bigauskas Architects Inc. is a Toronto based architectural practice. The principals bring to the firm a breadth of experience spanning twenty five years, and a portfolio which includes residential, mixed use, commercial and retail projects.

The firm’s residential portfolio is extensive and comprehensive. The total built residential volume exceeds 35,000 dwelling units, which comprises more than 150 buildings of various forms and applications. The building forms range from single family homes, townhouses, and subdivisions to mid-rise and high-rise residential. These dwelling units accommodated a variety of residential applications including rental, cooperative, government subsidized and condominium building types.

The firm also specializes in master planning and feasibility studies, in conjunction with various mixed use developments. Master plans for several multiple projects have incorporated an average of 1500 units of both social and condominium housing types.

As well as the building project portfolio, the firm has regularly provided consulting services. They have been involved in several collaborative efforts, and have also assumed the role of prime consultant.

Over the years Rafael + Bigauskas has established a reliable and cogent consultant base. These affiliations include landscape architects, structural, mechanical, electrical and civil engineers, as well as interior designers, urban planners, and marketing consultants.

The firm has also been involved in joint ventures with other architects, in international competitions, and large scale projects. Whether working as the prime consultant or as an integral part of the team, the Rafael + Bigauskas mandate has been to provide thorough, efficient and pertinent services.